For all new clients, the process begins with a FREE 30 min consultation. Before we get started, I need to understand your current fitness levels, your experience in the gym and determine what your health and fitness goals are. The personal training services I currently provide are as follows:


People who want to learn proper form and effective exercises, improve their overall fitness levels or want to simply tone up their bodies, should consider 1-on-1 personal training. Training sessions are an exciting 1 hour in length and are customized for each individual. My objective is to help my clients effectively and efficiently reach their fitness goals, while at the same time teaching them simple ways they can live and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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On-Line Training

Online personal training will help you reach your fitness goals no matter where you live. Programs are completely personalized and designed to meet your specific needs. Understanding your requirements is the first step. You will be sent a questionnaire to fill out, which allows for the customization of your specific training program to begin. Online personal training includes, customized exercise program development, nutrition tips and advice, bi-weekly scheduled check-ups and unlimited on-call support. Online training requires slightly more personal dedication, but that does not mean lesser results. Don’t let geographic limitations prevent you from achieving your fitness goals.

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Pre-Wedding Fitness

Get fit for your special day. A customized exercise program will be developed that will not only get you toned and fit, but will also help you manage stress levels leading up to your wedding day. In order to get maximum results, I recommend that you start as soon as possible.

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Doubles training is a fun way to get great results. As two people training simultaneously, you will receive the same custom service as 1-on-1 personal training. Each session will be an exciting one hour in length and will include a mix of exercises that allows each individual to achieve maximum results. I guarantee a great workout session for you and a friend - at a more affordable rate.

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On-Site (Movie) Personal Training

I offer a diverse selection of on-site personal training for those individuals in the movie industry. As a former actor, I understand the difficulties of staying in shape on set. I develop completely customized training programs that takes into account on-site limitations, timing and duration, and privacy requirements. For some actors, staying in shape and being healthy is not only a choice, but also a necessity. Look great on and off the camera.

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